M6 – Inventory of textile industry

Partner: FiW

By establishing an inventory of the textile industries in the Greater Faisalabad Area, water usage and discharge quantities as well as pollutant loads are estimated. These estimations serve as an input for the hydraulic models and as a basis for scenarios on how to minimize the impact of the textile industry on soil and groundwater quality in the area.

Current Results
Some 80 industries in the area could be identified, suggesting a total discharge of approx. 100 million m³/year of mainly untreated waste water into the canals. Although this is not the major share in terms of quantity, concerns regarding the water quality are inherent to the investigations. The inventory moreover allows the discharges to be included in the model at defined positions.

Expected Outcome
The data is the basis for further analyses and supports the process of outlining feasible adaptation scenarios. It allows the identification of hot-spots and thus targeted solutions.