InoCottonGROW on TV
(WDR, German)

On April 11, 2019, Dr sc Frank-Andreas Weber, FiW, presented the project activities on reducing the water footprint of the textile industry in Pakistan in the TV broadcast “Lokalzeit aus Aachen” (WDR). Watch here

Dr Weber explains the many ways in which German consumer behaviour impacts the water resources in Pakistan, exacerbating water scarcity and poor drinking water quality in Pakistan.

In InoCottonGROW, methods for reducing water consumption in cotton cultivation are being investigated and research into low-cost methods for cleaning textile wastewater is conducted by operating a pilot plant in Pakistan. By offering training and further education to the committed and interested Pakistani partners, the team actively promotes the knowledge transfer and exchange between Pakistan and Germany.

The end user can also have a decisive influence on the availability of water in the production countries by purchasing certified and high-quality goods.