D4a: Demonstrating anaerobic treatment of desizing wastewater

Partner: FiW, A3, ISWA in cooperation with KML and NUST

The goal of the pilot-scaled wastewater treatment demonstration is to provide practical data on the effectiveness of anaerobic (pre-)treatment of selected wastewater streams from textile finishing plants and the resulting biogas production. Beyond demonstrating the technology and its merits, the gathered data will be used to analyze the financial viability of a full-scale implementation at textile finishing plants.

Present Results
Over the course of the last several months, the pilot plants helped to evaluate the effectiveness of anaerobically treating starch-rich waste water from the desizing process, with view to both the treatment performance as well as the biogas yield.

The demonstration project D4a has proven successful: during pilot-plant operation a COD reduction of approx. 55.7% was achieved, while biogas at a specific methane yield of 0.25 m³/kg COD was produced. Bbiogas could successfully be produced by anaerobically treating the textile waste water.

Further Research
The collected data is currently under review. It will allow the quantification of the reduction in downstream wastewater treatment costs and will serve as a basis for a cost/benefit analysis. The required investment in full scale anaerobic wastewater pre-treatment plants in the Pakistani textile industry can hence be evaluated. The data will be published in scientific journals. are sufficient to justify.